Saturday, 15 February 2014

Arizona Green Tea

Yesterday, I was suppose to
publish a draft I wrote on how much
the Internet meant to me because
yesterday was the 14th of Febuary
also known as Valentine's Day but I
got bored half way and stopped writting.
So today would be a short one since
nothing much happened to me today nor
yesterday. Anastacia & I had a skype sleepover 
(kinda failed tho because of the stupid wifi connection in my room) 
which was quite fun. 
But other than that, nothing much. 
I did add a pretty awesome long playlist to my blog tho.
I really like all the songs on it.
Super radical. I miss Eleene alot. 
I wish I could go to Lombok to see
her or she could just move back here
to Malaysia. I think she finally would
but it'd take time for them since
Aunty Etty would have to find a job
all by her own here. Oh, good news,
today I went to Subang Empire Shopping
Mall and went to Jaya Grocer to buy
Arizona tea and Cheetos. That was the
highlight of the day.
I can't wait to try the Arizona. 
Thats all for now, see you all later when I
 have something to update you guys with. 
Super psyched about Mayday Parade. Just 18 more days, ahhh.

-Sabrina ☺

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