Thursday, 13 February 2014

School & Friendships

Sigh, yesterday was quite a bad school day.
I have no idea whether it was just me or my surroundings. 
First of all, I was super tired & just shit went down from there. 
During art, my favourite lesson, I did really badly in my artwork, 
it was super messy and everything. I was in a bad mood during lunch and then there 
was sports practice where I had to go to deco team and come up with ideas but 
i'm really dumb so I practically was useless. 
Then when I came home my sister had to piss me off.

School. The inventor, Harry P. School, should know millions of teenagers 
kill themselves, hate themselves & obtain mental illnesses because of his creation, 
but he obviously doesn't care, he passed away and if he was still alive, 
money is what is on his mind.  School makes my life a living hell. 
Ever since I was 12, I extremely hated school. I hate the people who I meet there 
whom I can't trust when I thought I meant everything to them but 
they end up leaving me and forgetting me, totally betraying me. 
Even when I need them the most. I've gone through that process too many 
times that I know every step of a friendship that will sooner or later end. 
I'd have to say 2013 was the hardest year of my life. Not only that I had 
to move schools, start over and leave my friends but the incident happened 
& I started doing things I never thought I would ever do. 
I don't know where I would ever 
be without music and my best friend, April. She means the world to me, 
she keeps all my secrets and she will always be the one I trust and love. 
I'm just scared she would end up leaving me because she got bored of me 
and starts ignoring me just like 10 of my ex-best friends. I wouldn't be surprised 
if she did tho, I'm a disappointment to everyone, my parents, my friends 
and my family. Will I ever be happy? Will I ever find someone in real 
life who I can trust and go to when i'm giving up? Will I ever be happy 
with my looks? Will I ever be confident enough? Will I ever be accepted? 
I don't know but I really hope I find out the answers to those 
questions before god or I ends it. There's a million reasons why 
I hate school but i'm not gonna waste time on that.
The internet is a wonderful thing for me tho. I love Leonard 
Kleinrock for thinking up of the idea of it. That's all for now,
I really hope my life eventually gets better like they all say it does.

P.S: This was suppose to be published yesterday but I fell asleep earlier 
than I thought I would've


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