Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Concerts & Birthdays

Febuary 12, 2014.
The day this blog was created. This is my 5th blog and I really hope that I can maintain this because I always tend to forget to post & just completely fail.
Well, I will probably talk about my daily life or just ramble on really dumb things or rant or even discuss about how perfect a certain someone is.
On March 5th, I might be going to my very first concert for the band, Mayday Parade and I say 'might' because it really depends on my friend, Anastacia. 
And then on March 22nd, it would be the day that I was born in this 
cruel yet horrible world. If she doesn't go, I don't. 
Simple dimple. Super stoked tho.There would be a
concert/huge rave party called Life In Colours on the April 19th.
The day right after my sister's birthday. Anastacia invited me to go with her
but i'm not 100% sure my parents would give me permission to go.
Plus, its like RM 200 so like NOPE. Anyways, I have to do some homework now.
That's all for now, see ya later.
Hopefully, I would be able to update more tomorrow.


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